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About Us


Community Participation and Development (CPD), a national NGO has been involved in the development of destitute women and children since 1993. CPD is involved in the development of the children and women who are benefited from the services provided by it. CPD’s principles are: Ensuring a sustainable future to the distressed women and children through the process of development, which encompasses social, economic and ideological aspects of life.

This organization has been working to change the attitude of the family as well the society to ensure greater scope for the development of the beneficiaries. It is also trying to improve the living conditions of the girls who have become victims of prostitution and trafficking.


CPD follows a rights-based approach of directly sharing with the children and women in particular and also with the people representing various walks of life to know the situation of the children and women in the area. Through a systematic and analytical exercise, it has been observed that in our working area, child rights and the situation of women are getting better through the interventions undertaken by CPD both at family and community level.

The Project staff received different training for capacity building. The interpersonal communication of the field staff has been improved. The staffs are also improved in communicating with the beneficiaries. The staffs are aware about women rights and accordingly they are able to organize community meeting successfully. The skills of the project staff have been improved in report writing & presentation as well.

Our Mission

Community Participation & Development (CPD) has been working both in Rural and Urban areas in Bangladesh for development of livelihood of the disadvantaged women and working children and for combating child trafficking. CPD has been working with the target groups in an integrated approach through implementing different activities, such as, child education, vocational education, health services, social awareness, income generating activities, skills development training, advocacy program, recreation activities, employment generation,combating trafficking etc. CPD adopts different strategies, such as, mobilization of skilled staff members, involvement of stakeholders and empowerment in implementation of its programs. Beside that, CPD co-ordinates with local government and local administration for developing livelihoods of disadvantaged children and women.

Our Vision

Empowerment of disadvantaged community, particularly women, adolescents and children under urban & rural areas in Bangladesh through increasing their living capacity for poverty reduction, and social security towards good governance.


  • Department of Social Services: DHA- 03187,17-10-1994
  • NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh: NGOAB: No- 1016, 07-03-1996, Renew Dated: 07-03-2016


  • A number of total 35 thousands Women, Children and youth in working area.


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